Bringing Seamless Crypto Payments To Innovative Creator Platforms.

Contract Address


The Purpose

To become the primary currency and method of safe, anonymous, virtual transaction for the creator, adult, and gaming industries including their migration to the metaverse using innovative blockchain technology.

The Problem

  • High transactions costs
  • Susceptible to chargebacks and disputes
  • Exposed to unpredictable policies and regulations
  • Spending limits imposed on customers
  • Fiat is losing purchasing power by the day
  • Technical barriers for integrating crypto payment solutions

The Solution

For Creators and Platforms

  • Minuscule transaction costs (As low as .08 to $2)
  • Transactions are final and irreversible
  • Immune to whims of banks and big tech
  • No maximum or minimum transaction amount
  • Value of cryptocurrency increases over time
  • Creating easy tools to migrate from fiat to crypto

For Fans and Customers

  • Anonymous blockchain technology
  • Safe and Secure transactions
  • Data is not paired with user’s identity
  • Immune to private sector policy changes

Why Now

  • Creator economy one of the today's fastest-growing business segments
  • Creators no longer relying on Web 2.0 platforms for the infrastructure that they've traditionally provided to make money
  • Creators moving fans off larger platforms onto their own websites, apps, adopting new monetization tools
  • The influence of creators can push rapid and wide scale adoption of cryptocurrencies, offering them direct, safe, instantaneous transactions
  • A currency focused specifically on the creator economy can become both a tool for monetization and an investment vehicle storing and appreciating the value creators collectively generate


Initial Supply:

1,000,000,000 (1B)

Supply After Burn:

850,000,000 (850M)



Tax on Buys & Sells:


Deflationary Smart Burn:

This burn to our tokens constantly decreases the liquidity to market cap ratio and increases the price per token.


Community Determined:

Each month we will ask holders and creators to propose ways that this 1% can be used. These suggestions can range from charities and nonprofits doing important work to community driven marketing proposals. Holders will then be given the chance to vote and choose their favorite proposal.


Unique Buy Back:

As opposed to auto-liquidity we will utilize unique buy back. A buyback wallet will be used to purchase iPay Tokens and pair with comparable value in BUSD and/or BNB to add to the liquidity pool.



Dev / Marketing:

This tax is for funding the development of iPay token and its use cases. Including:, NFT marketplace, partnerships, and integrations. This is also to cover marketing costs.


Our base tax at launch for buys and sells will be 11%. Our goal is to reduce this tax over time and get it down as low as possible. All determinations on tax will be made to insure the health and success of the token.

We have developed an innovative smart contract allowing for unique tokenomics for our project. This will give us tremendous capabilities to minimize taxes on sells for our creators.

Our initial liquidity pool will be with BNB and BUSD. As we bridge with Ethereum, Polygon, and other stable coins, we will create additional liquidity pools. We aim for our main liquidity pool to be in BUSD to maintain stability and reduce volatility.

Dev wallet will be paid in BNB Coin. This will be used to finance and support incentive, marketing, and development initiatives.

Token Distribution

The Platforms

Scalable, lightning fast, and robust. (NSFW 18+) (NSFW 18+) (NSFW 18+) (NSFW 18+) (NSFW 18+)

Your Platform Here

Platform Features

Hosted on the Amazon Web Services platform, iFans and Famelink were built 100% from scratch and boast powerful monetization features for influencers and content creators. Many of these features are found nowhere else in the world. These are the first two platforms that will soon have iPay integrated as a payment option.

Exclusive Content Subscriptions

Influencers and content creators can set a subscription for fans to unlock their exclusive content.

Custom Content Requests

Fans can request customized or personalized content from their favorite creators

Live Streaming Options

Creators can go live 1on1, their followers, subscribers, to a list, or to the entire platform while accepting tips!

Mass Messaging + Pay to View

Creators can draft a single message and send out in bulk to their entire fanbase. They fans must pay to unlock and view


  • Allows creators to monetize other creator’s content!
  • Grow your revenue faster than ever!
  • Automated SFS revenue tracking system!
  • Separate creator account statistics!

When a creator @mentions another creator within the platform, they split the revenues their referred fans pay. All new fans gained through this are tracked, allowing further optimization of campaigns!

External Affiliate System

  • Allows creators to gain new subscribers from marketers!
  • Get seen and grow your social footprint!
  • Reach far beyond your initial fanbase!
  • Expose your profile to thousands of traffic sources!

Marketers can promote creators outside the platforms and split the revenues their referred fans pay. Creators can grow a fanbase without lifting a finger, and marketers can earn half of all revenue they bring to creators!

Data Focused Reporting

  • Helps creators optimize the performance of their share-for-share!
  • Data attribution helps you grow your audience at breakneck speeds!
  • Increase the ROI of your investments on the platform!
  • Keep track of multiple campaigns with one dashboard!

Where do your conversions come from? Creators and Marketers alike can see the source of every dollar earned to maximize campaign effectiveness


  • Agents gain centralized reports for all their creators!
  • Agencies and managers can save hundreds of hours per week!
  • Control revenue percentage splits with your creators!
  • The platform handles all payouts and accounting!

Manage content, interactions, and reporting for multiple creators all from 1 feature rich dashboard for managers and agencies




  • Trending on Social Media
  • Marketing Phase 1



  • Integration
  • Wallet connect
  • Simple Fiat to $iPay on iFans
  • Flooz Dex Partnership
  • 10,000 telegram members
  • / Integration
  • Marketing Phase 2
  • Dead Presidents NFT Series on OpenSea
  • NFT Platform on iFans taking $iPay



  • ETH / SOL / MATIC Bridge
  • 20,000 Telegram Members
  • Community AMA
  • iPay Crypto Gateway and POS
  • CERTIK Audit
  • 1st Level Partnerships
  • Integration
  • Marketing Phase 3



  • CEX Listings
  • SatoshiStreetBets AMA
  • 40,000 Telegram Members
  • 2nd Level Partnerships
  • Top secret utility added
  • Whitepaper 2.0
  • Marketing Phase 4