How to Buy iPay Token


Download MetaMask for your ChromeiPhone, or Android. Instructions for how to set up a Meta Mask wallet are here


You’ll need to swap your BNB for $iPAY. If you don’t have BNB, you can buy it and transfer it to your Meta Mask wallet using the link to “Buy BNB” below.


Follow the steps on either Ramp or Moonpay to get BNB into your Meta Mask Wallet. If you’re buying larger than $10,000 USD worth, you can do so using


Once you have BNB (Smart Chain) in your Meta Mask Wallet, connect your wallet using the big yellow “connect” button on the top right hand corner of the swap widget.

Select “Other Wallet” and then select “MetaMask” which is the icon on the top right with the fox logo. Open in Meta Mask and authorize the connection between iPay website and Meta Mask by pressing “Connect”


On the swap interface, you’ll see your BNB balance on top, and your iPay token balance on the bottom. Select the amount of BNB you’ll swap into iPAY token. Leave a little bit of BNB leftover so that you have some BNB for gas (Gas is the transaction fee you’ll pay when you buy and sell iPay.) You don’t need much. Just leave about .05 BNB or more in your wallet. So if you have a total of 1.55 BNB, Write 1.50 BNB on the top field.


Press the big “SWAP” button on the bottom. Review the details that come up. Then press “Confirm Swap”. Confirm this action in Meta Mask


Final Step: Import the iPay token into MetaMask by copying the contract address below:


And then open MetaMask and go to “Assets” and at the bottom press “import token”.

Paste the previously copied Contract Address into the “Token Contract Address” field. It will automatically populate the iPay token info. Press “Add Custom Token” button at the bottom, and then “Import Tokens” on the next page.

If you need assistance, you can reach out to us on our official telegram or email us! Instructions for loading the new iPay Token in Trust Wallet