Marty Sarkisov

Marty is an entrepreneur with an extraordinary vision and mindset for growth  and success. He’s been at the forefront of innovative technologies spanning from age verification to video-on-demand, Paid P2P, and call centers. He’s well versed in sales organizations, team building, Identifying opportunities, conceptualizing ideas, and executing. Marty’s Vision for iPay is to revolutionize the way influential people get paid to monetize their reach online.

Founder of AdultCheck at age 21 with 500,000 web properties gained through affiliate marketing and digital advertising.

Founded one of the largest loan modification firms in the USA during the 2009 recession. Brought 700+ cases monthly through strategic marketing efforts.

Created one of the largest tax resolution companies in the USA. Helped thousands of taxpayers renegotiate their tax liabilities through direct mail, radio, tv, and digital marketing.

Co-founded one of the largest green energy construction companies in Los Angeles. Marketing through direct mail, media buying, print, radio, tv, and outdoor advertising. Brought 60-100 homeowners and $3.5m revenue per month.

Founder of iFans, iPay‘s utility. Conceptualized major affiliate marketing features to help content creators capitalize virally.

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